Corporate Introduction

日本写真集      Nagano Fukuda was established in March 1997, in Nagano Fukuda (Tianjin) instrument and Meter Co., Ltd. Nagano, Japan Meter Instrument Co., Ltd. (nks) and Corporation FUKUDA (Futian) China's immediate establishment of offices. Company set up under the development, technology, production, marketing, sales and other a total of 11 departments, with a contingent of nearly 70 people, including doctors, masters, senior engineers, including scientific research, in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Xi'an and other places has dozens of offices, to 24 hours for the customer provides professional, high quality, efficient on-site service. Products in the automotive, oil, chemical, power, metallurgy, aerospace, aviation, marine, rubber, food, medical treatment, textile, water treatment, semiconductor processing, heavy machinery manufacturing and other industries have been widely used, and won the trust of customers.

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